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Welcome to the London Centre for Advanced Cardiology. We offer all the most recommended heart blood tests in London.

The main purposes of our heart blood tests in London are to break down known risk factors of potential cardiovascular disease, create and improve awareness of your cardiac health, and enable doctors to provide referrals for the adequate treatments when necessary.

Our blood tests are usually painless and fast, and include the most used cardiac blood tests in the world, such as the Lipid Profile and the C-Reactive protein.

At the London Centre for Advanced Cardiology, we offer same day appointments for your heart blood test in London. Reporting is also fast, and you should expect to wait no longer than a few hours for your full report.

If any issues are detected by the blood test, we can organise a consultation with a specialist and any extra tests promptly. To find more information on our wide range of cardiac blood tests, please call us on 020 7580 3145 or click the button below: